Professional Golfers Association

The¬†Professional Golfers’ Association¬†is the world’s most premiere golfing league, featuring some of the greatest athletes to ever lift a club. This single league also oversees the operations of the Champions Tour for players over fifty, the PGA Tour Canada, PGA Tour China, the LPGA for females and the PGA Tour Latinoamerica. By handling so many leagues, the PGA can ensure great golfers the world over can reach their full potential.

The History of the PGA

The PGA TOUR was originally founded by the Professional Golfers Association of America in 1929, and it became its own organization in 1968. Since then, the tour has become one of the world’s most profitable sports organizations. The tour has a very unique and rich history which has seen some its members become huge celebrities. Today, the PGA TOUR is headquartered in a Jacksonville suburb of Panta Vedra, Fl. However, the sport of golf actually got its start in the emerald land of Scotland. In those days the clubs were usually composed of wood, and there was no set number of holes for courses. Professional golf has modernized the game, designating 18 holes as a standard round of golf, but some consist of only nine. Modern golfers also enjoy carts and caddies, but the biggest advancement has been made in the area of golf clubs.

Golf once consisted of two or more individuals challenging the course for superiority. Today, most PGA TOUR events are broadcast on television’s NBC and CBS stations. Modern players are also some of the highest paid athletes in the world. Topping this list is the golf phenom Tiger Woods who has earned more than $1 billion in tour winnings and endorsement deals. Tiger is also the first African-American golfer to win the PGA TOUR Masters event. The success of tigers and others like Vijay Singh is proof of golf’s growing popularity. The PGA TOUR now generates more than $1 billion annually from television and licensing agreements.


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