Sports Scoreboard

Sports blogs and sports related websites have been a booming industry, one that is continuously growing. As the demand for social interaction and fresh content increases, so does the emphasis for websites and blogs to provide a rich user experience.

One of the major challenges for websites and blogs is creating and implementing a robust Scoreboard widget that will provide their visitors with up-to-the-minute scores. There are limitations for many websites as most free scoreboards only provide scores for certain leagues, not including the 4 major American sports. Leagues like the #NFL, #NBA, #NHL and even the #MLB are usually inaccessible.

The alternatives are limited and costly. Currently there is one major supplier for live, updates scores for the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and all major sports. But the cost for these features can reach tens of thousands of dollars annually, sometimes per sport.  These solutions are specifically geared for the major brand websites such as ESPN, but what are you to do if you don’t have the clout of the budget of a big brand website?

Up until now you were left in the dust and faced with a decision. Do you implement a scoreboard widget that fits your budget but is extremely limited? Or do you pay the big bucks to get everything you need?

It can be a costly proposition.

But thanks to ScoreTap, you don’t need to have a big brand budget to get the major sports scores you need.

Our widget is affordable, easy to implement and most of all it provides the scoreboard solution you have been looking for.

ScoreTap is the scoreboard widget solution you have been waiting for and a widget that will revolutionize the sports blog and website industry.

Who is ready to Score Big?

Stay tuned for more details as we play for a 2014 release of this product.